About Casey Wells

Often challenging conventional songwriting approaches while continuously tapping into a sense of uncanny familiarity and nostalgia, Casey Wells is connecting infectious melodies with his self-created sonic universe.

With deeply personal lyrics, Casey’s debut album Impermanence is an experience as well as a reminder of one’s limited time to be alive. As the songs immerse themselves into these experiences, some face a reckoning with the elusive pursuit of self-actualization while seeking to push the limits.

Reviews of Impermanence

Artwork by Herm the Younger

“Wells shows a spacious, emotive enthrallment with Over, whose climactic piano pulses and dramatic viola integrations prove stirring. […] Over is another heartfelt success from Casey Wells.” – Obscure Sound

“The fact that Jump In turns a shade of disco also gives Casey Wells the distinction of being able to operate out of several genres and coming out smelling of mastering several of them.” – mp3hugger

Moving On shows that he is far from running low on new and interesting ideas. With such a confident grasp over his songwriting and production, he is definitely one to keep a firm eye on for the future.” – Mystic Sons

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